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Posted by illezabeth on 2008.11.20 at 01:29
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Finally I got it finished! I think all the writer's at NaNoWriMo and their outrageous word padding ploys gave me a little boost. It hasn't been edited of course but at least its done XD

Ladies and Gentleman, may I present: 


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A little celebration

Posted by illezabeth on 2008.09.07 at 17:05
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To commemorate the completion of another scene of my tale I have decided to post my first draft of the first chapter. Enjoy! (oh and if you see any mistake or potential improvement make sure you tell me!)

Liam and Emily

Emily Florine DeClair was part-French and was very inclined to tell you. Personally Liam didn’t understand the importance.

“Honestly Liam, acting agencies like actors with foreign backgrounds- it makes them more interesting you know?” She was also determined to become a Hollywood film star.

“But it’s just a name- you can’t even speak French.” The sandy-haired boy said with a frown.

“It’s the name that’s important- not my language.” Emily gave a delicate sigh, “I suppose I can’t expect you to understand with a name like ‘Willford.”

“Yeah…” Liam replied without conviction as he looked up at the clock in the hopes that it was time for Emily’s mother to come and take her home.

“Oh!” Emily shouted and Liam jumped at the sudden sound. His eyes darted back to see her standing with her hands clapped to her mouth and her eyes wide as she stared out of his bedroom window.

“What?” he asked, following her eye line into the back garden.

“A bird! A bird just crashed into the garden! Oh god, what if it’s been hurt?” She cried, “we have to help it Liam!” She didn’t give him time to resist as she grabbed his wrist and dragged him down the stairs and out the kitchen door. Liam’s mother stared at them in surprise as they rushed past her cooking dinner. “Look! There it is! Oh the poor thing- it’s not moving!” Emily pointed frantically at a black blob lying motionless in the centre of the lawn. “I don’t want to go near it,” Emily declared, “It might be dead!”

“You were the one who wanted to help it,” Liam said uncaringly.

“So? Just go and see if it’s alive!” the dark-haired girl argued.

Liam rolled his eyes but couldn’t see the worth in arguing, “Fine,” he sighed, trudging forwards with his hands in his pockets. The bird looked like a crow and Liam didn’t want to get too close to it because he knew they could get nasty. Instead he leant over and stared at it keenly. It was lay on its side with one wing stretched out beneath it and its head thrown back displaying a black beak. It chest was moving, up and down in a steady breathing. “It’s alive.” Liam called back, “you can come over and help it now.”

“Well of course its alive- it only fell a few feet.” Emily said as though she had been expecting the answer all along. She hurried over and knelt down beside the fallen bird to slip her hands gentle beneath the small body.

“Careful, that’s a crow and they can be pretty mean, “Liam warned her quietly.

“I’ll be fine- I’m helping it not trying to kill it.”

“It’s a crow- they can’t tell the difference.”

“It’s unconscious- I’ll be fine.” She replied dismissively before slowly raising the injured bird. “See?” she said with a smug smile as the crow remained asleep in her hands.

“Fine, fine,” Liam raised up his hands as she stood up and walked back to the house. “I was only trying to help,” he grumbled to himself as he shoved his hands back at in his pockets and kicked at some dirt visible between blades of grass.

“Liam!” Emily called loudly from the house, “come on!” Liam sighed again before turning to follow after her.



“There: good as new.” Liam’s mum announce with a smile as she placed the bandaged wing gently back against the limp body of the unfortunate crow. She was tall for a woman, with sandy blonde hair which fell in waves down her back, which she kept out of her face with a purple bandana decorated with silver swirls and stars. She wore orange tie-dye shirt which flared at the wrists- although at the moment the flare was tied out of the way- and a long purple skirt which flowed from her hips. Around her neck a necklace of purple glass beads was wrapped several times and her arms were decorated with orange and purple rubber bands. “He was lucky he landed on his wing- it saved his life!” she added affectionately.

“Thank you for looking after him Mrs Willford,” Emily said sweetly, “I wish I could take him home but there’s no way my mum would let me keep him.”

“That’s alright sweet, we’ve still got that cage that Andrew kept his parrot in. We can put him in there.”

“Liam’s brother used to have a parrot?” Emily asked in surprise.

“It wasn’t a real one,” Liam muttered, “it was a toy you could put on a perch.”

Mrs Willford laughed, “Yes and we bought him a cage from a car boot sale to put it in. He was so pleased he demanded we put it in straight away despite the fact that it was filthy!”

“That’s so sweet!” Emily cooed.

Liam rolled his eyes, “just because you’ve got a crush on him.”

“I do not!” Emily shouted even as her cheeks blushed as red as fire engine.

“Don’t embarrass her Liam,” Mrs Willford said with twinkling eyes, “I’m sure she has no such thing.”

“See, your mum knows,” Emily added with folded arms. She was still blushing.

“Whatever,” Liam said unbelievingly. He turned away from the two of them and stared out of the window. “Your mum’s here,” he noted as the silver Mercedes-Benz pulled up outside the house.

“Oh!” Emily rushed to the window to wave frantically at her mother stepping out of the car. The designer pulled on her fitted jacket and straightened her red cashmere scarf before looking up at the house. Catching her daughter making a fool of herself in the living room window she raised an eyebrow and raised her hand calmly before strutting towards the house in her expensive heels.

Emily rushed to meet the beautiful woman at the door, jamming her feet into her shoes which had been left haphazard at the bottom of the stairs and grabbing her school bag just as three steady knocks came from the front door. Mrs Willford, who had followed Emily at more sedate pace, opened the door to welcome Emily’s mother.

“Sophie, I’ve told you before, you can just come in. We are all friends here.” She said with a warm smile.

“I’m sorry Lucy,” Sophie De Clair apologised with a cold smile of her own as she viewed Mrs Willford’s attire. “It’s the old lessons; they stick in the back of your mind you know.”

“Yes of course. My mother certainly knew how to impress manners on me and my brothers.” Lucy replied with a small laugh, not noticing the scrutiny her clothes were under.

“Emily are you ready?” Sophie asked, looking down at the girl who had pressed herself in front of Liam’s mother.

“Yes mother!” Emily said eagerly, “bye Liam, bye Mrs Willford,” she added as she glanced back at the two standing behind her. “I’ll see you tomorrow okay?”

“Of course sweet. It’s nice to have you here.”

“Goodbye Lucy, it was nice to see you again Liam. Thanks again for looking after Emily.” Sophie gave another of her cold, little smiles.

“That’s alright, see you tomorrow Sophie.”

“Indeed.” Emily’s mother turned around and pressed her daughter gently towards the car before sashaying away. Lucy stayed standing at the door and waved as the vehicle pulled away even though neither of the occupants seemed to notice.

Liam frowned at his mother, “why do you do that? They never look.” He said unhappily.

“It’s polite.” Mrs Willford told him. “come on, we need to get that cage out of the loft and dinner on the table before it burns. Hopefully your father and Andrew will be home soon.” The tall blonde woman smiled down at her son and- with one last glance out into street- shut the door firmly on the outside world.


After a few minutes watching unconscious crows started to lose its appeal, so Liam had upgraded to drawing them. The injured animal was laid out in a plastic cage standing on a window sill in the Willford family sitting room. It wouldn’t prove much an obstacle to a healthy crow but Mrs Willford seemed to think it would work well enough for an unhealthy one.

Liam was gently shading in the nape of his sketch’s neck when the door banged upon and his brother loudly announced his presence. “I’m home!”

“Hey honey, you’re just in time for dinner. It’ll be ready in 10!” Mrs Willford called back.

“Okay!” Footsteps padded firmly into the sitting room and Liam listened to his brother collapse on the couch with sigh before he turned around. His brother was reclined across the couch in a pair of baggy jeans and a hooded tracksuit jacket. “What you up to squirt?”

“Drawing crows.”

Drew frowned and stared at him with green eyes identical to his brother’s. “What crows?”

“This one,” Liam jabbed his pencil at the cage behind him.

“Hey isn’t that my old cage?” Drew asked as he pushed himself off the couch to inspect the new addition to sitting room.

“Yeah.” Liam replied and bowed his head back to his work.

“Why is there a crow in there?” Drew continued curiously.

“Emily found it, it had a broken wing.”

“So Mum took it in.” Drew guessed.

“Pretty much, yeah.” Liam tilted his head at the bird he was drawing and pursed his lips. His fingers fumbled for the rubber which he had placed on his chair’s arm earlier and had now lost. Drew took the opportunity to peer down at the work in progress on his brother’s lap.

“Hey that’s pretty good!”

“The angle of the head’s all wrong,” Liam muttered, finally locating his rubber and applying it vigorously to the area giving him so much trouble.

“Looks good enough to me squirt.” Drew ruffled his brother’s pale hair and chuckled, “I bet all the girl are gonna love you when you’re older; the sensitive artist with mum’s hair and my gorgeous looks.” Drew declared dramatically, running his fingers through his cropped brown hair.

Liam rolled his eyes and turned back around just in time to see a car pull into the drive.

“Hey Dad’s on time for once!” Drew exclaimed, “Mum’s probably already put his dinner in the microwave.” He sniggered.

The two boys watched as a tall, lanky man with dark hair and a youthful face emerged from the seat of his old, blue Audi A4 dressed in an average grey suit and carrying a cheap briefcase. The man grinned at the brothers as he spotted them in the window and gave a small wave which only Liam returned.

“Go tell Mum Dad’s home.” Drew said, giving Liam a small push.

“Why don’t you?” Liam returned with disinterested stare.

“‘Cuz I can’t be bothered.” Drew replied as he flopped back on the couch.

“Well neither can I,” Liam retorted and turned back to reattempt his model’s head.

The door opened for the second time within the last ten minutes and Mr Willford stepped through. “Honey do you want to take my dinner out of microwave?” he asked as he slipped out of his work shoes.

“Richard? You’re back already? What happened?”

“Well the guy pleaded guilty so we managed to get it wrapped up pretty quick.” Richard replied. Mr Willford was a state lawyer; available for people who couldn’t afford one of their own. Unfortunately the position meant he was usually defending criminals.

“Excellent,” Mrs Willford strained up on her bare tiptoes to press a small kiss to her husband’s cheek, “It’ll be an interesting experience to have you at the dinner table, are you sure you still remember how to behave?” she asked with a cheeky grin.

“That’s harsh Lucy.” Mr Willford replied but he grinned even as he said it.

“Sorry dear,” Mrs Willford said with a smile.

“Oddly enough, I don’t believe you.”

“Such a lack of faith in me, my love. Now go and set the table before dinner gets cold.”

“Your wish is my command.” Mr Willford leaned down to kiss his wife as he shrugged off his jacket.

“Oh gross, do you have to do that in full view of everybody?” Drew asked from where he’d been sitting.

“No-one said you had to look,” his mother replied as his father laughed. “Now come help your father lay the table and we can sit down a proper family dinner for a change.”

“Can’t I just have mine in my room?” Drew retorted, looking less than impressed with the idea.

“Not a chance.” Mrs Willford informed him, crossing her arms sternly.

“Why not?” Drew argued loudly.

“Because for once everybody’s at home and dinner’s on the table- you’re not squirming out of this one Andrew Willford.” His mother replied with a cold glare.

“It’s not like it’s that important anyway.” The fifteen-year-old grumbled.

“Maybe not to you Drew, but it is to me.” Mrs Willford sighed, “Can’t you just humour me once in a while?”

Drew glared and crossed his arms irritably, but Liam knew that his brother had already lost the battle, “…fine.” The older boy muttered. He turned and flopped down on the couch to sulk for a moment and Mrs Willford smiled triumphantly before padding away to make sure her husband wasn’t stealing any of the dessert.

Liam sighed as the tension of the air increased and lay down his pencil and paper to look over at his brother.

Drew glared back, “what?” he demanded.

“Nothing,” Liam murmured and rose to his feet. “I’m gonna help Dad, you coming?”

Drew grunted.

“Eloquent.” Liam replied ironically.

Drew glanced up at him, “you’ve been spending too much time with that snooty girlfriend of yours.”

Liam shrugged, “it’s not my idea.” He informed his brother.

“Do you ever get embarrassed?” Drew questioned with a glare.

“What would be the point?” Liam answered.

Drew rolled his eyes, “oh I forgot; it would require too much effort.”

Liam shrugged again, “So are you coming?” he repeated.

Drew glared at him for a second before replying, “It’s not like I’ve got much of a choice,” he grumbled.

“Not if you want to go out tomorrow.” Liam agreed.

“Come on then,” Drew hauled himself out his seat and strode out of the door, leaving Liam to follow at a stroll.

Seven characters already! That's quite a lot for the first chapter....
Don't forget to tell me what you think!


Just another File

Posted by illezabeth on 2008.09.05 at 23:36
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The Creature File


Number Three: Dryad

Superfamily: Hominoidea

Family: Hominidae

Genus: Magus

Species: Nimfus (nature spirits)

Sub-species: Dryad


Appearance: Height: Between 5’ 3” and 5’9” on average

Skin:       Fair     

Eyes:       The eyes of dryads are a pale green, to symbolise the life running through their trees despite what the change of seasons might say

Hair:      This changes to reflect the colours of the season, pinks in spring, greens in summer, reds and gold and browns in the autumn and snow white in the winter. Between seasons a dryad’s hair is streaked with the colour of both. Unless a dryad’s tree is an ever-green, in which case her hair remains green throughout the year.  

Gender: Although genderless due to a lack of reproductive organs dryads are often   mistaken for female due to their small, delicate frame and feminine facial features.

Habitat: Dryads inhabit trees; they are the corporeal spirits; however they do not live everywhere. Dryads are only found in sacred forests, those that were the creation of the Nature or Earth Goddess for her to live in whilst she lived on Ara. The most famous of these is Deadwood.

Lifespan: Dryads live for as long as their trees

Diet: Dryads, being spirits, do not need to eat

Breeding: Dryads are genderless; it is their trees that breed, not they themselves.

Currency: Dryads have no concept of money

Crime and Punishment: Like fairies, dryads do not commit crimes, however they do a fairly large list of things they consider crimes, including chopping, burning or maiming any of their trees, and if they catch any person doing any such things they will be executed with frightening efficiency.

Clothing: Dryads exist somewhere between this plane and the Divine Plane, they can see both and can have corporeal form in both but they feel in neither.

Weapons: Dryads need nothing other than their hands to fight as they are able to slip between astral planes and able to travel through one to appear in a different place on the other.

Mythology: See ‘Habitat’ and ‘Deadwood’

Temperament: Dryads are generally calm in nature, but that doesn’t mean they are never angry. Breaking the ‘laws’ of their forest is a sure fire way of glimpsing their wrath. Unfortunately that will be the last thing you ever see.


Them Magic Folk

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The term ‘mage’ is used to describe all the types of human magic-users. Mostly they are people who have the ability to manipulate life energy, converting it into other types of energy e.g. kinetic or heat. Rarer are those who are able to summon spirits to do their bidding.
The Touched
At the lowest wrung on the ladder of mages are the Touched, they are the most varied and most common. The Touched have a level of life energy that is existent in all humans, but they are able to use it for things other than living. However, unlike other mages they are unable to restore the magic they use and every time they use their magic the take more years of their lives; some barely live beyond their thirtieth birthday.
Their name came from the belief that they had been ‘touched’ by the Gods; the birth of one of the Touched is traditionally seen as a good omen.
The Touched have only one ability but this ability can differ from individual to individual.
®     Healing: Healers are so frequent that is likely you will find at least one in every settlement across the planet of Ara (life). Healers don’t need to convert their life energy at all. They just need to focus it in the area of the ailment and give extra energy to cells repairing the damage.
®     Moving (Telekinesis): Movers are able to push their energy through the ‘veins’ of the planet to reach the object they wish to move and then convert their energy into kinetic in order to move it to where they desire.
®     Firestarting: As their name suggest, Firestarters create fire by converting their life energy into fire. They are not common amongst The Touched and are often recruited into the army before where they are taught to master their magic and to then to use it against the enemy. Firestarters’ education is entirely biased, emphasising the country’s superiority and righteousness and often crazy behaviour is encouraged. This is to make sure they do as is wanted of them. This education leaves them fervently fanatical, frighteningly ruthless and ferociously loyal.
®     Strength: Manipulators are able to focus their life energy into whichever region of their body they desire, making it stronger and faster.
Unlike The Touched the wizards are born with more life energy than is necessary for their life. This extra energy is stored, like all life energy, in the soul but this energy can be replenished.
A wizard’s power is in the manipulation of an element, either fire, water, air, earth or wood (a misleading name as it actually incorporates all types of plants). It is possible for a wizard to wield any of the element but mastery over more than two is rare (and more than three rarer still) so wizards tend to choose the two the find the easiest to manipulate (although choosing only one element is not uncommon either).
Sorcerers are the highest of all mages and contain the largest amount of magic. Sorcerers have the ability to manipulate the elements, as wizards do, but also are able to use their magic in the ways of the Touched, but are capable of greater deeds and are not doomed to the same side-effect.
Moreover sorcerers have mastery over not just the body and soul like other mages; their abilities extend also to the mind. They are the only kind of mage that can actually control life energy to its full potential. Usually magic is pointed and converted by will- but it can only affect the corporeal. Sorcerers are able to force it to influence the incorporeal as well, and as a result can cast ‘spells’ or ‘wishes’.
Sorcerers were, for a very long time, the leaders of the world. As soon as their powers were discovered they would beginning training with the local mages in the ways of magic until their majority. At which point they would be taken to nearest sorcerer who would arrange for them to be taken to the hidden mountain home of the sorcerers to be trained. Any malevolent behaviours or tendencies were weeded out, sometimes even to the extent of forced amnesia.
However sorcerers died out over a century ago after an attempt to solve the prejudice and hate between countries. A spell of communication was spread across the entire planet, unfortunately this required more power than had been anticipated and across the globe mages were robbed of their magic. Many of The Touched died from the loss.
The day after all the mages magic had been returned, as usual, but Ara was left dangerously low on life energy. Only half now what it had once been it was a struggle for Her to even keep plants and animals alive let alone mages. For a whole decade not a single mage was born, not even a lowly Touched, and birth rates were scarily low. It was a fearful time for life of Ara as their survival wavered dangerously.
Fortunately, though it took some time, things slowly started speeded up and once half a century things were back to normal. Except for one thing: there were no sorcerers, ever.
Without their wise and benevolent council the people of Ara began to revert back to the old ways of Kings and dictatorship. Wars broke out everywhere between people fighting for power both in their own country and for others and in that one century the borders changed more rapidly, frequently and dramatically than they had for the whole millennia that sorcerers had been in power. It has often been bitterly stated that Ara recovered her life energy so quickly because of the countless young men and women who had lost their lives to these endless power struggles.
Witches are unique within the category ‘mage’ as they do not use any magic. Instead they have the second sight. Witches are born with irises of pale silver and at birth are often confused with blind children. Witches, though certainly more common than sorcerers, are a rare mage and it is often a hereditary blessing to only one of a witch’s offspring. This means they are few and far between and witches never have children with one another in order to keep themselves from dying out.
The second sight allows witches to see the beings of the second astral plane. These could be the spirits of the dead, their guardians, the sprites, angels, demons and even the Gods if it is wished. Witches also have the power to visit the Divine Plane when in a trance and for this are often called holy and worshiped as saints.
The power of a witch is in his or her ability to call forth a spirit from the Divine Plane and make a contract with it. Usually this is done with sprites- the neutral and middle-level spirits. Though weaker witches can only summon the dead and some of the greater witches of renown have had pacts with angels and demons depending on their own leanings.
This contract is an exchange where the witch is leant the aid of the spirit for their first sight as spirits do not have eyes. A spirits aid can be given in different ways, of course the level of the spirit effects to what degree:
®     Visions: To a spirit is not linear, it is constant. They can see what what is, what has been and what the consequences of an action will be. Spirits can relay this information to their partners..
®     Strength:A spirit can lend their partners their strength even for menial tasks or in battle
®     Guarding: A spirit can guard over their partner when they are defenceless.
®     Diagnoses: When a person is sick a spirit is able to diagnose the problem, some can even give the prognosis
®     Healing: Spirits have the ability to heal their partners and angels are able to use their partners as a conduit to heal others
®     Magic: The spirits of mages are able to pass on their knowledge to their partners and can conduit their powers through them. Unfortunately this has a similar effect on their partners as magic does on The Touched. Higher ranking spirits can also conduit their powers through their partner but in these cases the spirit use their own, restorable life energy and therefore the partner suffers no ill effects.
®     Knowledge: Spirits can pass down the knowledge of their lives to their partners. This aid is often stated as the most the important of all. It can save lives, improve existing ways of work and win battles.


Location, location

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A place of fun and adventure

Deadwoods are trees found in only one place- a wasteland on the northern continent. Quite unlike their names suggest these trees are very much alive. They are evergreen with summer flowers of red and white and a pale pink, autumn fruit which would be reticent of a lemon were it not for the thin, apple-like skin. No-one has ever been able to identify the taste with any continuity. Indeed the only continuity in the recorded experiences is that none are the same; while one man would describe it as sweet as sugar, another would insist it has a tart, underripe flavour. 

Also of note is the great trunks of Deadwoods trees; unique from all other trees Deadwoods do not encase themselves in bark and their life-bearing veins are open to the world. This is becuase Deadwoods have no predators: wind, disease and rain do not enter their domain and no living creature would harm them. In the abscence of said rain they instead drink from the underground river that supplies a small lake in depths of the forest.

Deadwood is considered a place of ancient wisdom and magic for many men have ventured there and have returned with great knowledge; although many men have also ventured there never to return. It is of interest to some that a woman has never entered Deadwood for all those who have been called, gone in search of wisdom or for less commendable reasons have been men. Some say this merely shows mans superiority over women; others suggest that it is because Deadwood is the sacred ground of an ancient earth goddess and that she does not want women in her realm (and there are many reasons to suggest why she would not); but the most popular belief is that any woman who would step foot in the forest would lose their humanity to the beauty of the trees and would become a dryad, never to return to human lands. 


Say Hello

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Look upon my very bad attempt and fear XD This is a rough version of Russell, isn't he a sweetie? ^__^ 
...Well I like him anyway....


Another Creature File More or Less Completed

Posted by illezabeth on 2008.08.25 at 13:03
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 I think these Creature Files were definitely a good idea, they let me get down my ideas in a quick, easy to read manner and them allow me to embellish, exchange or explain the information. They also open up new areas for my story to lead to. 
So here's my second File, this one is dedicated to the quintessential fantasy creature- the fairy.

The Creature File

Number Two: Fairies

Superfamily: Hominoidea- Human-like

Family: Homindae- Two-legged

Genus: Magus

Species: Magus Fae


Appearance: Height: Fairies, like gnomes, tend to be within 6 to 9 inches tall

Skin:          Fairies, as their name suggests, are all fair of skin, with pink cheeks and freckles where they been in the sun.

Eyes:          Eyes of a fairy is as pale as its skin but like all magic creatures their eyes shine ever-so-slightly. This gives the impression that their eyes are like pools of silver.

Hair:          Some fairies are as golden as wheat fields, others have hair so pale its white but for most the average is somewhere in-between, a pale blond.

Wings:       A fairy’s wings are blessed with the same light as their eyes and they shimmer silver regardless as to whether it is dark or light.

Habitat: Places where flowers are plentiful all year round, e.g. in the less dense areas of rain forests. People have been known to plant in their garden flowers for each season in the hopes that they will entice fairies to move to the bottom of their garden. Fairies live in large groups called families and they do not distinguish between those who are related by blood and those who are just friends. This does not mean, however, that a fairy does not know who is who, in fact all of them take pride in the fact that can recite their entire family tree to the third generation both upwards and sideways.

Lifespan: Fairies live for as long as they wish to. However they are not immortal and there are several ways to for them to die: if they do not feed on nectar or drink water at least once a day; if they lose their wings; and if they are fatally injured are a few.

Diet: Fairies live on water and the nectar of flowers and, much like bees, they help to pollinate their surrounding plants.

Breeding: Fairies can breed when ever they wish; in opposition to gnomes they become stronger when pregnant as the extra life force strengthens their natural magic. The biggest problem fairies find with breeding is finding someone to breed with as over time the families in which they live have mostly become related to each other. Fairies are very aware of this and some could probably tell you how they are related to every one in their family. Therefore many fairies seek partners in the yearly summer festival at which all fairies gather at the summer solstice. No human, gnome or other sentient creature has ever seen a Gathering but if they had they may have wondered at the peculiar spot. Fairies are not subterranean creatures but each year on the summer solstice they meet in an ancient cavern beneath a copse of unique trees that people call Deadwood.

Currency: Fairies do not have a currency, nor do they trade, this is most due to the fact the fairies value nothing above its essentials to live- which they provide for themselves and their children, their families, and nature.  

Crime and Punishment: Fairies do not understand the need for crime; they all work in harmony with nature and could not imagine doing anything else.

Clothing: Fairies create clothing from leaves, using their magic to fashion them and to keep them alive.

Weapons: The only weapon of a fairy is their magic which can be broken if the fairy becomes distracted. A popular distraction of fairy poachers is pain. Although many poachers believe that this lessens the potency of their wings and so they keep them unconscious either with drugs or more physical means.
                  Generally fairies prefer defence and their main means of such is the ability to turn into a butterfly when they feel in danger, but again this mechanism can disabled through ‘distraction’.

Mythology: Where they come from fairies are considered to be the creation of an ancient earth goddess who sent them to preserve the beauty of her summers. However, only the fairies know the truth in that and they’re not telling.

Temperament: Fairies are, by nature, a calm and accepting race, but they will keep a very long grudge against those that hurt them.


More beginnings

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I have a prologue to my story. The only problem? I'm not happy with it. 
Usually this would mean that I would pour hours over it trying out different things here and there, endlessly deleting and rewriting and deleting and rewriting before I would let nayone near it. But as this community was created to show progress and to recieve feedback from my friends I've decided to post it here in the hopes that you can help me rip it to shreds and put back together again.


He couldn’t breathe. The air was tinted with the grey film of some poisonous magic and the stench of it; sickly sweet and burningly bitter. It made him choke and heave as it stuck to the sides of his throat and swelled in his lungs. The reek rose from the ground- an alien land filled with great rising structures arranged in enormous line and separated by dizzying dashes of colours- and they were hurtling towards it.

From his place on Sel’s back Russell could see that his friend was already unconscious and Russell knew that he was not long from the same fate- either from fumes or the patch of grass rushing to meet them at a terrifying speed. Helplessly Russell gripped tightly to his Sel’s shoulders and squeezed his eyes shut to pray. 

And there it is, in all its rushed, tiny, tatty glory. But at least it means I've actually started writing!
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated ^__^


Calling All Readers!!

Posted by illezabeth on 2008.08.23 at 14:05
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 I have a challenge for you! 
All you arty types, pull out your art sets and a bit of blank paper from the back of the wardrobe. 
I would love to draw a picture of my Russell; unfortunately for me drawing is a sporadic gift that often leaves me when I want it most. Therefore I am bestowing this wish upon you in the hopes that you'll be able to scribble something down. I'm not asking for anything amazing, just a little something that I can stick on my wall and come back to for reference and company (the life of writer is so lonely DX) 
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Here I am presenting a list of characters that have dived into my pool of souls. Some are still milling around the shallow end with their armbands but a few have already adventured a little deeper. No fishes yet though.

Main Characters

Liam Willford: 13 years old with pale green eyes and sandy hair. He's an unmotivated boy, with distinct dislike of conflict and his hands stuck in his pockets. He enjoys playing football with friends and in class he's more likely to be staring out of the window than paying attention. He likes to draw and has often been caught sketching out the people at the desk in front of him when he's suppose to be writing. 

Emily Flourine De Clair: 13 years old with blue eyes and thick, dark hair. Her ancestry is french- something that she is quite proud of despite the fact thar her performance in that class is rather poor. She is dead-set on becoming a famous Hollywood film star and attends a drama class every week. 

Tillandsia Lindenii (Tilly): A fairy girl who wanders through another hole to end up Liam's back garden. She is found by Russell on his adventures to get into the house to rescue Sel. She is being held hostage by some rats who know they can make some money out of her wings. Unfortunately for then they haven't yet anybody to sell it to because they can't get home. (Rats on this side of The Fabric aren't interested- they don't know what a fairy is)

Russell: The gnomic prince, son of Russam and Ellyn. He is 8 years old with brown skin and amber eyes. Unlike his fellow gnomes Russell is soft-hearted and not coveting of power. He is the middle child of 5 sons and was often left to his own devises. He was given Sel as a present upon reaching his maturity and found a delight in flight unusual for the hole-dwellers. He was made the General Major of his settlement's air force for his knowledge of flight and quick wit. He is nicknamed The Fairy-child at home for his handsome face (although it is noted by some that his mouth is too wide and too partial to smiling) and slender build. 

Sel: Russell's crow. Cynical and loyal with a natural love of flight, Sel is one of the few domestic crows of the settlement. Like all crows from my little fantasy he is able to talk if taught.  
On a side note: Crows are procured by gnomes after they are hatched by killing the parent and nurturing the young. Warriors who slay one of the parents are presented with the tail feathers of the kill (extremely desirable items in gnomic society), this encourages many warriors to try each year even though many die in the attempt. Gnomes use crows in the coats of arms as the symbol of their species. This is an old custom based on a legendary gnome who was said to have befriended a wild orphan crow and taught it to speak and to carry him. He is considered the greatest King of all time and of course every settlement claims he came from their lineage.

Not-So-Main Characters

Andrew (Drew) Willford: 15 years old with pale green eyes and dark hair. He is Liam's older brother and once owned a toy parrot with he kept in a cage. Now, however, he is one of the most popular boys of his year and has a steady girlfriend. He is hardly in the house and spends a lot of time staying over at friends' houses. 

Mrs Willford: Liam and Drew's mother. She works part-time so that she can look after the house and the boys because Mr Willford has such a heavy and sporadic schedule.

Mr Willford: Liam and Drew's father. He is a state lawyer with very little spare time. He always arranges a family holiday once a year to a new location so he can spend time with them without having to worry about work.

Raquel: The witch who is not a witch. She owns a small aromatherapy and odds and ends shop. Somewhat gothic in appearance, but bubbly in personality

The Witch: Raquel's father. He spends a lot of time in pubs and is rather anti-social.

That's about as far as I've got on characters. I'll probably come back and edit this when I think of some more. 

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